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Multi Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

Multi Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

Multi Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: uce
Certification: ce

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Detailed Product Description

multi tank ultrasonic cleaner

Multi tank ultrasonic cleaning machine using city water, pure water, alkaline or weak acidic, aqueous solvent for cleaning agent, multi and spraying, jet, hot dipping, bubble and cleaning method combined with suitable drying method, semi automatic ultrasonic cleaning production line. Especially suitable for small quantities of electronic circuit boards, electronic parts, clock parts, metal stamping parts, metal parts, jewelry, jewelry, glasses, glass, semiconductor wafers, such as cleaning. With unique technology, strong targeted, simple structure, easy to use and so on, and the equipment cost is low, the investment is little, and can meet the special cleaning requirements of different products.

1, the characteristics of the machine:
Machine is made by South Korean brand stainless steel plate, internal channel thickening stainless steel plate, durable resistance to acid and alkali, beautiful shape; it uses imported ultrasonic wafer transducer, using Singapore adhesive bonding material, has strong output power stability, long life characteristics of generator with power stepless adjustable frequency tuning functions. It also has short, short circuit and overload protection device, optional power reduce alarm device, to avoid poor lot cleaning, built-in frequency scanning function to ensure that the whole cleaning effect. The consistency of frequency display function, users can direct viewing understanding the ultrasonic frequency, and manual adjustment can be done according to their own needs.
Time setting function, ultrasonic generator switch machine with built-in timer control, time control scope: set the solvent heating and high temperature thermostat temperature control range: ambient temperature - 100 DEG C, the temperature is easy to set up, control and stability.
2, configuration options:
Material with SUS304 stainless steel, SUS316L stainless steel and TA1 pure titanium and other materials available;
Appearance material with stainless steel plate and anti-corrosion surface spraying plate two material optional;
Ultrasonic frequency is commonly used in 28KHz, 40KHZ, 33KHZ, 20KHZ, 68KHZ, 100KHZ, 120KHZ and other 20-132KHZ between any frequency optional.
Temperature control mode has mechanical knob type and digital display temperature control mode;
The whole structure of the whole machine is divided into the integral type and the integral type, which is suitable for users of various industries;
Optional 220V and 110V power supply mode, suitable for users in different regions of the world to buy.
3, function selection:
In the basic optional function configuration also has the following sorting function:
(1) multi frequency interactive: double frequency interactive cleaning function, automatic frequency cycle work, to achieve different levels of cleaning, to achieve high cleanliness requirements.
(2) automatic rotating basket: rotating basket automatic rotary cleaning, to achieve the effect of agitation and ultrasonic cleaning at the same time, so that more thorough cleaning.
(3) automatic lifting device: the use of cylinder or motor to drive the cleaning basket to reach the set cleaning time automatically to the cylinder surface, greatly reduce the operator's work intensity.
(4) filter circulation device: set filter circulation device, effectively prolong the use time of the cleaning liquid, reduce the consumption of 5-15% cleaning agent so as to improve the efficiency of the use of the machine and reduce the cost of use.
(5) no noise setting: the noise free design, so that the basic noise at work without the need to reduce the ultrasonic power and adjust the frequency, no impact on the quality of cleaning.
Application Industry: optical industry, medical industry, photovoltaic industry, aerospace industry, hardware industry, automobile manufacturing, etc..

multi tank ultrasonic cleanermulti tank ultrasonic cleaner

multi tank ultrasonic cleaner

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