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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: uce

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engine ultrasonic cleaner machine
engine ultrasonic cleaner machine
Type:UCE-EUCM engine ultrasonic cleaner machine

◆ use the equipment, can effectively achieve the cylinder block and head a thorough cleaning of the inner and outer surface of coke, gum, sludge, oil spill reached refurbished effect.
◆ use the equipment thoroughly cleaning various lubricating oil channel hole and part of the cooling system, and greatly improve engine performance.
◆ products using tap water plus cleaning agent, can be recycled to the long-term use, low cost of cleaning (gasoline scrub 1,10).
◆ greatly improve the cleaning efficiency, traditional immersion cleaning, the heated spray cleaning way 5-10 times.
◆ original Japanese imports "PLC" programmable control systems and electronic components;
◆ Touch LCD touch-screen control, cleaning time and adjustable parameters;
◆ using high-voltage crystal transducer special bonding process, ultrasound strong support prolonged high-intensity operations.
◆ ultrasonic generator currently used internationally leading his excited oscillation circuit structure, more traditional self-excited oscillation circuit structure is more than 15% increase in the output power to maximize the potential transducer. Operating voltage AC220 ± 10V. With overvoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit protection. Frequency fine tuning, automatic frequency tracking function in different operating conditions to achieve the best results. Driven by the cleaning liquid formed subtle reflux, so that the workpiece the dirt while peeling by ultrasonic rapidly removed from the surface of the workpiece, to improve the cleaning efficiency. Stepless power adjustment function, the output power can achieve 10% - 100% of the continuous adjustments to adapt to a variety of cleaning requirements.
◆ the hydropower split design, safe and reliable operation. Ultrasonic power and temperature control can be adjusted and set.

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