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    UCE ultrasonic Co., Ltd. is specialized in ultrasonic technology research and product development, high-tech enterprises, with more than 10 years of production experience in developing, is China's largest manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment.
    OEM ultrasonic cleaning system
    I produced the ultrasonic cleaning equipment: UCE series one desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machines, pipette dual-band multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machines, single slot multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine, high power ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines pipette, the electroplating industry dedicated - ultrasonic cleaning machines, high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cylinder parts cleaning machine, ultrasonic dishwasher, immersion ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic rubber stopper washing machine, ultrasonic titanium rod cleaning machines, ultrasonic gas cleaning machines, high pressure spray cleaning machine, rotary washing machine, fully automatic by the washing machine, the station cleaning machine, duplex washing machine, the station cleaning machine, rotary washing machine charring water elements washing machine the carbonized water Su wash machine, hydrocarbon cleaning machine, hydrocarbon washing machine, automatic the carbonized water elements vacuum drying cleaning machine, dryer automatic vacuum cleaning, trichlorethylene cleaning machines, ultrasonic filter cleaning machine, ultrasonic aluminum barrel washing machine, the ultrasonic filter cake washing machine, ultrasonic vibration boxes, digital ultrasonic cleaner.
    OEM ultrasonic cleaning system
    Ultrasonic extraction and ultrasonic application equipment: ultrasonic extraction machine, ultrasonic drugs processor, ultrasonic cell crusher, ultrasonic extraction instrument, ultrasonic emulsification, dual-frequency thermostat ultrasonic extraction equipment, ultrasonic extraction tank, ultrasonic extraction line, ultrasonic sewage processor ultrasonic vibrating rod.

    Widely used in the electronic industry, food industry, optical industry, the nuclear power industry, the automotive industry, electroplating industry, the ion plating industry, watch industry, chemical fiber industry, hydraulic industry, machinery and hardware industry, the medical industry, the jewelry industry, the CPT industry, bearing industry and other fields.

    My company is also in the domestic industry products only by European safety standards manufacturers. We firmly believe that, to enter the international market will be driven by the technological content of our products and the continuous improvement of the product quality. At the same time, we are constantly improving enterprise management and quality management, and adhere to the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system based on the reference of advanced management concepts and methods, by train and improve the management, sales, design, production, service, etc. the overall quality of the staff, to repay the new and old cutomers with our good quality products and excellent service, our concern and support.OEM ultrasonic cleaning systems

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